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Why IPL is the best cricket league in the world and why it makes more money

In India cricket is like religion. People from all walks of life, age and gender literally worship this sport. What makes this sport even more popular is the availability of cheap internet. Almost 6.5 out of 10 Indians have mobile phones. More than 70% of these users are connected to the World Wide Web. These numbers are staggering and a gold mine when it comes to providing products and services - “Cricket match” betting is one of them.

Earlier, cricket was a social flux, but today, in these pandemic times, it has also evolved into a gateway for financial gains. In the past, betting enthusiasts had to depend on shady bookies and shadier brokers who most of the time adjusted the odds in favor of their own interests. However, the technological revolution has changed the cricket betting scenario completely. Betting does not even require a computer or a laptop. Folks interested in betting can simply use their smartphones to choose the app/platform of their choice, feed their identification details obtained from a reputed betting id provider, and log into their accounts.

Indians’ love for cricket and betting is now easily fulfilled by online betting websites. As mentioned above, these apps/platforms are genuine, responsible and unlike local wagers, offer fair odds and quicker settlements.

IPL - Best Cricket League

When we talk about cricket, the one event that instantly pops up inside our head is IPL or Indian Premier League. If cricket is like a religion then IPL is a social event, an annual extravaganza that is cherished by every Indian across the states. The league, a yearly event, comprises 10 teams that compete against each other based on the city they represent. For betting individuals, it is an opportunity to make some money and Toyota Games, a betting ID provider makes this occasion an even more electrifying and gratifying experience.

So, why is IPL the best cricket league in the world?

The answer is because its brand value has crossed the Rs 500 billion ( Duff & Phelps ) mark.

Why does it make more money than other cricket leagues?

Once again the answer is quite simple. IPL's earnings from ticket sales, merchandising, sponsorships and media rights are simply mind-boggling. Every team earns millions of rupees not to mention the winning team that takes home a big slice of the profit/corpus.

What about cricket betting statistics?

While unorganized cricket betting is said to have crossed the $100 billion mark, the organized or online betting apps/platforms are also doing extremely well with around $5 billion of betting transactions. These numbers reflect its enormity and why IPL betting is considered one of the most popular cricketing events by the bettors.

Mentioned below are some of the other reasons for its huge fan following - within the cricket-loving fraternity and betting enthusiasts.

Betting in IPL games is safe, especially using online avenues -

Most of the apps, websites and cricket ID providers are managed by top business and technology folks, backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and startup funds. The entire ecosystem of IPL betting is highly professional where payouts are taken seriously. Rest assured you can withdraw your earnings within minutes. There is no pressure to increase your bet and neither is anyone coerced to continue playing which is quite rampant within the offline betting system.

A word of caution here – checking the veracity of betting ID providers is not enough. Before betting through an online website or an app, make sure to read the reviews or connect with one of your fellow bettors. Betting with suspicious and malicious online platforms may result in losses. Choose only legitimate portals. Toyota Games partners with the top Sportsbooks in India which are managed by qualified technocrats of this industry.

Betting is not just dependent on luck. It is also dependent on awareness and opportunities.


Most Toyota Games Sportsbooks provide articles, informative tidbits and betting tips so that a bettor has a better understanding of IPL betting and the various options available. It can prove to be of great advantage for novice bettors. Making informed decisions not only reduces the chances of losing money but also makes sure you bet as per the situation.


On the other hand, any cricket match or IPL live match allows cricket lovers to bet at any stage of the game, providing that leverage to either reduce the losses or completely square it up. If your betting team is losing the match, opt for other live options such as the margin of defeat, the man of the match and even the highest run-scorer or the maximum number of sixes hit by a batsman.

Large Winning Tickets -

Unlike other sports and betting platforms, IPL, the best cricket league in India offers generous returns. Whether you are a heavy bettor, a seasoned professional, or just a novice, IPL games provide betting options that are suitable for every type of pocket. However, it is advisable to bet with a preset budget. By limiting yourself to a fixed amount, you make sure that your quality of life is not affected by your betting enthusiasm.

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